Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gary Larson's The Complete Far Side

I remember when Gary Larson decided to take a break from creating his legendary cartoon The Far Side. Fortunately, those early cartoons have been reprinted in many forms. I am used to seeing them in paperbacks which, as you know, are just not designed to last. This collection is designed to last. The comics are published in two volumes called The Complete Far Side.
I only wish I could open this up and browse through some of my old favorites. I can't do that because this publication has never been opened. I will save that honor to its next owner.
If you are in the Washington, DC metropolitan area between October 22 and 25th, do come to our Fall book sale at George Mason Regional Library. The sale starts at 5pm on Thursday. We open at 5pm so you don't have to take off too much time from work and can still arrive on opening day.
The Complete Far Side has not been priced yet. Some of our other special books have. Links to lists of the special books can be found on the George Mason Friends page of the Fairfax County Public Library's website.

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