Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Sale Volunteer Privileges

The picture on the left is from the children's room of the sale. It is neat. It is organized. Better, no one is standing in front of you reaching for the same book you are. This is how it looks between set-up and the opening of the sale. For those who want to know if we have many books, let me say that the books pictured are fiction, usually read by grade 4 or older. The mysteries and fantasy are actually on other shelves so you don't see any copies of Harry Potter.

And now for the book sale secret, volunteers get book buying privileges. In particular, the volunteers on Wednesday, the day before the sale starts, get to buy in limited quantities. These are the restrictions. The two biggest restrictions are volunteers must be amateurs and book lovers (sorry, book resellers need to shop at the sale) and items in the display cases can't be purchased ahead. We have a few other restrictions on quantity.

We try to be a friendly group of people. Come to the library and sign up at the information desk or email us. Come meet us.

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