Thursday, October 8, 2009

Report of the Resettlement Administration, 1936 and the Fairfax County budget process

First I'll talk about another amazing book.

This book has a cover that looks like an old map of the United States showing products and places. It doesn't even give a title or author or publisher. Then you look inside.

This is a government publication from the depths of the Depression It is a report, the first report, by the Resettlement Administration. Looking closer, you find an inscription and then flipping pages, you realize the inscription is by the head of the Resettlement Administration. Historians will recognize his name as Rex Tugwell.

Hopefully, our current depression won't last as long. I am getting a little feeling for the pain that must have been felt in the past one.

Now talking about the current depression, Fairfax County has started its FY2010. The libraries have changed their hours as a result of budget cuts beginning in July of 2009. The staff has been cut as well. What may not be obvious is the cut to the budget for materials, for the magazines and periodicals and books and data bases and all that stuff. According to the library, back in FY 2001, the materials budget was about $6.33 per county resident. It is now $2.71 per resident.

The budget people are having to prepare their budgets for FY2011. It doesn't look good for Fairfax County. Again this year, community meetings are being held. The results are sent back to the Board of Supervisors. This is one way for the Supervisors to hear about the priorities of the residents. The Libraries have been asked to look at cutting another 18% from their budget. It hurts.

Plan to attend a community meeting. To find out more to to

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