Friday, September 6, 2019


A large selection of gorgeous art books, along with other unique collectibles are now on display in the George Mason Regional Library lobby. These items will be available for sale beginning at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 26.

Below is a list of titles and prices. We reserve the right to correct any mistakes in the prices or description published here.  Books may be removed or added without updating the list.


Three on the Edge, Architecture of Kendrick Bangs Kellogg,     $40
James Hubbell and Wallace Cunningham   
Michael Webb
Mingei International Museum                                                   2014

The Czech National Council                                                       $30
(Text in Czech)
Dr. Cestmir Adam                                                                     1990

Richard Estes                                                                            $30
John Wilmerding 
Signed by artist and author
Rizzoli                                                                                     2006   

Cistercian Europe,                                                                    $35
Architecture of Contemplation
Terryl N. Kinder
William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company                            2002
The Invention of the Past, Interior Design and                         $35
Architecture of Studio Peregalli
Laura Sartori Rimini, Roberto Peregalli
Rizzoli                                                                                      2011


Falnama, The Book of Omens                                                   $60
Messaumeh Fahad
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery                                                        2009

Tiger Calligraphy, Shaman-Art, 16 Prints         $50
Gallery of Contemporary Uighur Artists          1998

Remedios Varo                                                                           $50
Ricardo Ovalle, et. al.    
Ediciones Era                                                                           1998

Antonin Raymond, An Autobiography                                       $50
Charles E. Tuttle Company                                                      1973

Dueling Geniuses: The Greatest Highlights of Japanese Artists  $60
The Asahi Shimbun                                                                  2008

Eclipse                                                                                     $25
Antoine d’Agata
Tbilisi Photo Festival                                                              2015

Yayoi Kusama                                                                          $20
Laura Hoptman, et. al.
Phaidon                                                                                   2008

Concerning the Spiritual in Art                                                 $20
Wassily Kandinsky
MFA Publications                                                                    2006

The Jewelry of Nepal                                                                $35
First Edition
Hannelore Gabriel
Weatherhill                                                                              1999

Labelle, Canadian Artist                                                          $30
R. Hebert Art Publishing Reg’d.                                             1981

Emil Nolde                                                                               $30
Rudy Chiappini, Editor
Museo d”arte Moderna della Citta di Lugano                        1994 

Paul et Clemence                                                                     $35
Marcel Imsand
Editions 24 Heures                                                                 1982

Ng Yi-Ching’s Flower and Insect Paintings                             $30
First Edition
Art Book Co., Ltd.                                                                  1981

Bosch                                                    $35
Marijnissen & Ruyffelaere
Tabard Press                                       1987                                                                                              

World War II Through the Eyes                                               $15
Of Thomas Hart Benton 
Organized by Jean Williams-Sherrill
Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum                                    1991

Circling the Square, Avant-Garde                                            $20
Porcelain from Revolutionary Russia
Tamara Kudryavtseva
Fontanka                                                                                 2004

Etchings & Dry Points                                                              $10
A facsimile of the 1883 catalogue for
Whistler’s Arrangement in White and Yellow
Freer Gallery of Art                                                                 2003

The Shepherd’s Tower                                                              $10
Simple Studies in Christian Art
John Ruskin
George Allen                                                                           1877

A Magic Stronger than Death, Jean Tinguely                                   $25
Pontus Hulten
Bompiani                               1987                                                                               

Undercurrents in the Floating World: Censorship                    $15
and Japanese Prints        
Sarah E. Thompson, H.D. Harootunian
The Asia Society Galleries                                                       1991

The Paintings of Jakuchu                                                          $25
Money L. Hickman, Yasuhiro Sato
Harry N. Abrams                                                                      1989

The Guardi Paintings of the C. Gulbenkian Collection            $40
Museu Calouste Gulbenkian                                                     1993

Lily Spandorf’s Washington Never More                                   $35
Mark G. Griffin & Ellen M. McCloskey
Signed by Mark Griffin
Grew Publishing Company                                                       1988

The Art of Rozz Williams, From Christian Death to Death      $150
Nico B, Editor
Cult Epics                                                                                 2016

The Lithographs of David Roberts 1796-1864, Egypt & Nubia   $20
The Palm Press                                                                          2007

Gandharan Buddhist Reliquaries                                              $35
David Jongeward, et. al.
University of Washington Press                                                 2012

Art of Ethiopia 2012                                                                   $50
Marina Emphietzi-Harris, Curator
Sheraton Addis                                                                          2012

Yoshitoshi’s Thirty-six Ghosts                                                   $30

John Stevenson
Weatherhill/Blue Tiger                                                             1983

Yoshitoshi, The Splendid Decadent                                           $45
Shinichi Segi
Alfred Birnbaum, Translator
Kodansha International   1985
The Enlightened Vision,                                                             $25
Robert Motherwell’s Prints in Singapore     
Matin Tran & Laura Taylor, Editors
Singapore Tyler Print Institute                                                  2005


Histoire de la Marine                                                                $50
Georges G.-Toudouze, et. al.
L’Illustration                                                                             1934 

The Life of a P.O.W. Under the Japanese                                  $50
Sketched by Col. Malcolm Vaughn Fortier
Signed by “Bob” M.V. Fortier
C.W. Hill Printing Co.    1946

Souvenir, Images of the Jewish Community                               $20
Salonika 1897-1917       
Yannis Megas
Kapon Editions                                                                         1993

The Lindo Legacy                                                                     $150
Jackie Ranston
Toucan Books Limited                                                              2000

Abner Dean’s Naked People                                                     $35
Limited edition with signed lithograph 712/1000
Stein and Day                                                                            1963

The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover, 1709-1712        $25
Louis B. Wright & Marion Tinling, Editors
Dietz Press                                                                                 1941

The Professional:  Lyndon B. Johnson                                       $5
William S. White
Signed by LBJ Aide Bruce Thomas to Josiah Beeman
Houghton Mifflin                                                                      1964


American Pastoral                                                                    $75
Philip Roth
Limited 1st Edition, signed by the author
The Franklin Library                                                               1999

Trilby                                                                                        $30
George Du Maurier
Harper & Brothers                                                                  1894

Here Lies, The Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker                $30
Viking Press                                                                            1939

Mr. Dooley: In Peace and War                                                 $25
Small, Maynard & Company                                                  1898

Poetry by T.S. Eliot, An NBC Radio Discussion                    $7.50
by T.S. Eliot
University of Chicago                                                             1950


Jews and Photography in Britain                                              $15
Michael Berkowitz
University of Texas Press                                                         2015

Jerusalem Through My Father’s Eyes                                        $40
Kevork Kahvedjian, signed by author
Elia Photo Service                                                                    1998

The Photographers                                                                    $75
of Constantinople                                               
Two volumes
Bahattin Oztuncay
Aygaz                                                                                        2006

Saint Petersburg Photographs                                                   $40
Sleza Petersburg                                                                       2003

Sea of Light, Underwater Photography of                                  $40
California’s Channel Islands   
Richard Salas
Signed by Richard Salas
ASK Photography                                                                    2009