Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall Sale Preview: Rare Early Edition of Brontë Masterpiece

Rare, early edition of Brontë's Villette, in beautiful condition.
In this fall's sale we are thrilled to feature a rare, three-volume set of Villette, published in 1853 under the name Currer Bell—better known to the world as Charlotte Brontë.

Our experienced rare books specialist is strongly inclined to believe it's a first edition, based on following observations:

  1. The publication date on the title page is the same year that the novel was released.  
  2. It is in three volumes, which consistent with the fact that the first edition (subsequent editions were published in one or two volumes).  
  3. The title page information, layout, and typography appear consistent with those of other first editions posted by several rare book dealers and Wikipedia. (See photos.)

Unlike more modern books, the bindings offer no clues to the edition. In the past, novels were usually published in plain boards, and book-lovers would take their books to a private bookbinder if they wanted something more attractive. Such was the case for the edition we are offering at the fall sale: all three volumes have lovely bindings of quarter-morocco leather over marbled boards, with beautiful gilt embossed titles and ornamentation on the spines.

The novel itself is notable, too. Considered the most autographical of Brontë's novels, it tells of a young woman who moves to Brussels to teach at a girl's school and wrestles with her unrequited love for a married professor. Many Brontë devotees consider it an unrecognized masterpiece.  George Eliot, for example, wrote "Villette is a still more wonderful book than Jane Eyre. There is something almost preternatural in its power."

In an impassioned 2014 article, "Why Villette is better than Jane Eyre," author Lucy Hughes-Hallett writes "A funny, penetratingly observant realist novel, Villette is a visionary and fantastic depiction of a sequence of extreme emotional states."

You can view this gem in the lobby display case. It goes on sale on Sept. 29 at 3pm for $500.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Sale Highlights: Special Children's Books Now on Display

Delightful children's books are now on display!
Special selections from the children's books available for the Fall 2016 Book Sale are now on display

They will go on sale starting at 3 pm on Thursday, September 29. Below is a list of titles and prices for a selection of lovely children's books. Not all are on display -- please ask at the sale to see them. The information here may be revised or updated, and items in the case are subject to change.

at George Mason Library in the glass case on the right side of the lobby as you enter.


First Editions

Selection in the 2016 Fall Sale display case.

A Treasury of Illustrated Children’s Books ― $15
Leonard de Vries   
Abbeville Press, 1989
1st edition

Dinosaurs ― $10
Sabuda and Reinhart   
Candlewick Press, 2005
Pop-up, 1st edition

The Magic Butterfly ― $10

George Obligado
Golden Press, 1963
1st edition

MOI ― $10
Marie Chardin, Bess Bethell Illus.   
Mae Carden, 1936
1st edition, in French

There is a Dragon in my Bed ― $15
Sesyle Joslin   
Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1961   
1st edition

Beloved Classics

Endpapers, The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz ― $50L. Frank Baum, John R. Neill illus.   
Reilly & Britton, 1913
Beautiful endpapers

The Magic of Oz ― $8
L. Frank Baum, John R. Neill illus.   
Reilly & Lee, Later printing of 1919 edition

Robin Hood ― $10
Louis Rhead, Author and illustrator
Harper & Brothers, 1912

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court ― $10

Mark Twain
Harper & Bros, 1917

McElligot’s Pool ― $20

Dr. Seuss   
Random House, 1947

Pop Up and Novelty Books

Pop-up spread from Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci ― $10  Provensen
Viking, 1984

A Walk in Monet’s Garden ― $10
Francesca Crespi   
Bulfinch Press, 1965
Pop-up diorama

Merry Christmas ― $4
Music Box Diorama in the shape of a book

Bible Stories from the Old Testament ― $10
Christos Kondeatis
Simon & Schuster, 1993

Sailing Ships ― $10
Van der Meer & McGowan
Viking, 1984

The Pop-up Action Circus Book ― $10
Tim & Greg Hildebrandt   
Questor Ed., undated

Winter in White ― $10
Robert Sabuda
Little Simon, 2007
Mini pop-up, 1st edition

Vintage Treasures

Uncle Wiggily's Travels.
Book Trails for Baby Feet, vol. 1 ― $10
Child Development
Child Development Inc., 1946

Uncle Wiggily’s Travels ― $10
Howard R. Garis   
Platt & Munk, 1939

The Funny Bunny Factory ― $10
Adam Green
Grosset & Dunlap, 1950

Champions of the Industry; Achievements in the Future ― $10
Chaulde Laurent, 1969


Wonderful Illustrations

Old French Fairy Tales ― $15
Comtesse De Segur   
Hampton Pub., 1920
Note: Missing 1 illustration

d’Aulaires’ Trolls ― $10
by ingri & edgar d'aulaire
Doubleday, 1972

From Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss: Book Covers 1860-1960 ― $8

Harold Darling
Chronicle Books, 1999

Stories from Around the World

The Adventures of Remi ― $10
Hector Malot, Mead Schaeffer (Illus.), Philip Schuyler Allen (Trans.)
Rand McNally, 1927

Folk Tales from the Soviet Union: The Caucasus ― $8
Raduga Publishers, 1987

Folk Tales from the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldavia ― $8
Raduga Publishers, 1986

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall 2016 Sale Preview: Rare, Fine, and Unusual Books on Display

Rare, early edition of Bronte novel Villette.

Rare books, art books, and other collectibles are on display in the lower half of the right glass case in the George Mason Regional Library lobby. These items will go on sale starting at 3 pm on September 29.

Below is a list of titles and prices. We reserve the right to correct any mistakes in the prices or descriptions published here. Books may be removed or added without updating the list.

Fine Antiquarian Books

Fourth edition, Don Quixote, 1766.
Villette, 3 Volumes ― $500
Currer Bell (Charlotte Bronte)
Smith, Elder & Co., 1853

Don Quixote de la Mancha, 4 Volumes ― $400
Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra,
Translated by Charles Jarvis
J. and R. Tonson    1766
4th Edition

The Pilgrim’s Progress (Elstow Edition) ― $50
John Bunyan
John Walker and Co.     1881

Travels in Alaska ― $75
John Muir  
Houghton Mifflin, 1915

Song of Hiawatha ― $30
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Frederic Remington, illustrator
Houghton, Mifflin, 1890

Signed by the Author

Abundant Living ― $50
E. Stanley Jones  
Abingdon Press, 1942

Singerie Songerie, a Masque on the Subject of Lyric Mode ― $45
Eugene Walter, Illustrations by ZEV
Willoughby Inst., 1958 Willoughby Inst., 1958
Numbered, Signed by Author and Illustrator

The Fall of America ― $30
Allen Ginsberg  

El Arte Y Los Toros ― $20
Fernando Berckemeyer y Pazos  
Museo Taurino de Arte de Lima, 1966

Limited Editions

Boxed set of Interpretacion del Codice Selden,  with facsimile of complete codex.

Interpretacion del Codice Selden, 3135(A.2) ― $400
Alfonso Caso
Sociedad Mexicana de Antropologia
Mexico, 1964

The History of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauchopedale and the 
Debateable Land ― $150
Robert Bruce Armstrong  
David Douglas, 1883
No. 33 of 105 copies 

The Return of the Native ― $75
Thomas Hardy, Clare Leighton, woodcuts
Macmillan & Co., 1929
Limited edition


The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912.
The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters ― $40
Logan Marshall, Editor  
L.T. Myers, 1912

Siberia and the Exile System, 2 volumes ― $35
George Kennan  
The Century Company, 1891

Metrical Chronicle of Scotland, Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages, 3 vols. ― $45
William B. Turnbull, ed.
Longman, Brown, Green, 1858

The Russo-Turkish War:  Including an Account of the Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Power, and the History of the Eastern Question ― $30
Captain H.M. Hozier, Ed.
 Mackenzie, London

African Game Trails, by Theodore Roosevelt.
African Game Trails ― $45
Theodore Roosevelt
Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1910
Rank and File: True Stories of the Great War ― $40
Theodore Roosevelt, Illustrated by Captain John W. Thomason, Jr.
Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1928




 Eastern Art

Between Heaven and Earth: Secular and Divine Figural Images in Chinese Paintings and Objects ― $17.50
Moss, 1988

Crow Collection of Asian Art ― $25
Robert R. Belinger, Editor
Trammell & Margaret Collection of Asian Art, 2008

Homage to Heaven, Homage to Earth: Chinese Treasures of the Royal Ontario Museum ― $30
Doris Dohrenwend, et. al.
University of Toronto Press, 1992

Freer Chinese Bronzes, 2 volumes ― $100
John Alexander Pope, et. al.
Smithsonian Institution: 1967, 1969

Middle Eastern Art

Nimrud and its Remains, 3 volumes ― $100
M.E.L. Mallowan
Collins, 1966

La Alhambra Palais.
La Alhambra Palais; Planos, alzados, secciones y detalles de la Alhambra $75 
Owen Jones and Jules Gourg
Ediciones Aka, 2001

Qur’rans of the Mamluks ― $70
David James
Alexandria Press, London, 1988

Art of the Ancient Near East ― $40
Pierre Amiet, John Shepley & Claude Choquet, Translators
Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1980

American and European Art

Rembrandt, Etchings ― $75
Introduction & Catalogue by Yevgeny Levitan, Andrew Baratt, Translator
Aurora Art , 1973

Rembrandt, Etchings and Drawings$25
Prof. V.V. Stech, translated by Alice Denesova
Paul Hamlyn, 1968

Painting Photography Film$35
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
MIT Press, 1967

Parkett No. 8 ― $25
In Collaboration with Markus Raetz
Parkett-Zurich, 1986

Chefs-d’oeuvre du Musee National des Beaux-Arts d’Alger ― $25  
Mahammed-Orfali Dalila, 1999

Felix Valloton, Prints and Preparatory Drawings ― $35
Visual Arts Gallery, 1993

The Posters of Picasso ― $20
Joseph K. Foster
Grosset & Dunlap, 1964

Indian Art in Pipestone, George Catlin’s Portfolio in the British Museum ― $25
John C. Ewers, Ed.  
Smithsonian Inst., 1979


Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, 4 vols. ― $50
Sir Walter Scott  
Adam and Charles Black

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 1787, Faksimile ― $40
W.A. Mozart  
Barenreiter Kassel, 1955

The Sacred Oratorios, 1799 ― 40
George F. Handel
T. Hepinstall

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Sale Preview: Attention Stephanie Plum Fans!

Featured in the fall sale: nine autographed novels by Janet Evanovich!
For readers who love the best-selling mystery series featuring the gutsy, Jersey-loving bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, we have a special treat: the first nine novels, and every single one of them has author Janet Evanovich's signature! Books one through seven feature the autograph on a bookplate-style sticker on the half-flyleaf, whereas books eight and nine have a dedication from the author (see photo for examples).

Update: These books are priced at $8 and will be located in the Rare Books section of the book sale. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Children's Books Needed Fall Book Sale!

Children's books sell out faster than any other category at every George Mason Friends book sale! At the start of the sale, the special children's book room is full to overflowing, but by the last day of the sale our young readers are disappointed to find that nearly everything has been sold!
Children's books sell out fast.
Please donate and help us keep our shelves full!

We want all the kids who comes to our sale to leave with good-quality, age-appropriate books that they can't wait to get home and dig into!

That is why we are sending out a special appeal for children's books as the fall book sale date approaches. Bring in your gently-used children's books as soon as possible so we can get them priced and ready to sell.

Please donate soon and help us keep the shelves full in the children's book sale room full right through the sale!

Monday, August 15, 2016

So Many Ways You Can Help!

History books waiting to be unpacked.
Our fall semi-annual book sale is fast approaching, and we need your help! The Friends of George Mason Regional Library provide funding for many Fairfax County Public Library projects not included in the county budget. We are especially proud to be a major sponsor of the Children’s Summer Reading Program for the county. But we can’t do it without a lot of community support.

Here’s how you can help:


Our book sales are wonderful opportunities for community participation, and offer great benefits: the warm glow of contributing a few hours to a worthy cause, the fellowship of a friendly, interesting, and dedicated group of people, and pre-sale buying privileges (with a couple restrictions – see this post for details). Volunteers typically serve the following roles:

  • Publicity volunteers help put up signs and post to online calendars. We are particularly in need of a volunteer with graphic design experience!
  • Hospitality volunteers plan and purchase the food needed to sustain the hard-working sale volunteers. They also set up, serve and clean up during the sale.
  • Set-up and re-stocking: starting September 19, we will be packing up the Friends’ work room, putting up tables, and unpacking and arranging books. Volunteers also restock the tables during the sale and pack up and restore the library to its normal layout after the sale.
  • Cashiers and assistant cashiers: As many as we can get, to keep the check-out lines moving along.
Whether you want to contribute just a few hours or a whole day, we can use your help! Just drop us a line at

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We now have a Facebook page so you'll never miss a post about the sale, special previews, and the great programs offered at George Mason Regional Library. And by clicking “Like”  you can help spread this information to your community!

Buy Great Stuff!

And of course, a fun and easy way to help is to simply shop the sale and take home bags of terrific books, music, movies, and games. So much entertainment and educational goodness!

In these tight budgetary times, community support for your local library is more important than ever. Email us to ask a question or to volunteer.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our other big sale...

Recent feedback on the George Mason Friends' Amazon online bookstore.

While you are waiting for our next huge, semi-annual book sale,(beginning September 29), you can still get great deals on high-quality books by browsing our Amazon store.  You can save on shipping for any purchase from our Amazon Store by picking your order up at George Mason Regional Library. To do so, contact us at 703-813-6616 or before placing your order. 

In our Amazon store we offer time-sensitive books that we don't want to store until our next sale, such as text books and the latest best-sellers.  We also offer books on subjects that are not normally purchased at our sales, such as books for teachers and educators, some collectible volumes, and unusual niche-market items.

Examples of books recently offered in the George Mason Friends Amazon bookstore.