Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Volunteer at the Sale?

The big spring book sale is coming up, and we could sure use your help!

As you can well imagine, it takes many, many hands, starting days before with putting up tables, unpacking and arranging box after box of books (we have an estimated 100 boxes of mysteries alone!), then being cashiers and assistant cashiers during the sale, and finally packing up afterwards.

Of course, you'll get the warm glow of contributing a few hours to a worthy cause. Funds raised from these sales support the Fairfax County summer reading program, George Mason Library programs, landscaping, and more.
Friends co-president Nancy Allard
and long-time volunteer Robert

There's always great food in the break room, and the fellowship of a friendly, interesting, and dedicated group of people. For high school kids, it is a great way to earn some community service hours.

There is also a practical benefit to volunteering for our book sales: pre-sale buying privileges. Volunteers may purchase a few books on the Wednesday before the sale. Yep, first pick, before the crowds.  There are a few restrictions, of course:
  • The quantity of pre-sale purchases are limited (the actual number will be determined closer to the sale).
  • The purchases must be for personal use -- sorry, no book re-sellers.
  • Special items in the display cases can't be purchased before the sale opens.
The Friends workroom is to the right in the lobby, and is usually open during library hours. Stop by to  meet us, sign up at the information desk, or drop us an email. We would love your help!

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