Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Sale Preview: An Autographed Work by the Bard of New England

Autographed copy of A Boy's Will
by Robert Frost.
Eagle-eyed readers may have caught something remarkable in that last blog entry listing the contents of the fine/rare books display case. First on the list: A Boy's Will, signed by the author, Robert Frost.

Yes, that Robert Frost. Four-time Pulitzer Prize winner. John F. Kennedy's inaugural poet. Author of one of the most recognized American poems ever. That one.

It's a slim, unprepossessing volume, as befits a poet's first published book. Look inside the front cover, though, right there on the flyleaf, and there it is. The signature of Robert Frost himself.

Signature of Robert Frost on the flyleaf.

Franconia, New Hampshire is where he and his family lived full-time from 1915 to 1920. They also spent nineteen summers there. (He first discovered the area when he came to the White Mountains to seek relief from hay fever. I think many of us can relate to as the spring pollen blows! Source: About The Frost Place)

As for the inscription that has been so intriguingly crossed out, we can only speculate...

Look for A Boy's Will in the center of the left-hand lobby display case, along with the other rare, fine and collectible books.

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