Sunday, September 27, 2015

DVDs in This Fall's Sale Range from Rare Releases to Popular Classics

In addition to the huge variety of books you can chose from, we also offer a terrific selection of DVDs at great prices. Categories include movies, TV series, fitness, and recorded courses.

Below are some highlights of the fun stuff generous library patrons have donated for the Fall 2015 sale:

Special Boxed Sets

Spiderman Trilogy Gift Set
Spider-Man Limited Edition Gift Set. Brand new, DVD trilogy, plus black Spider-Man T-shirt, and black Spider-Man beanie in a gift box. Gift box has been opened, but DVDs and other items are still sealed.  $30

The Legendary Jerry Lewis 
The "Legendary Jerry" Collection: 10 Jerry Lewis movies in slipcase: The Bellboy / Cinderfella / The Delicate Delinquent / The Disorderly Orderly / The Errand Boy / The Family Jewels / The Ladies Man / The Nutty Professor / The Patsy / The Stooge. Used, excellent condition, $50            

Elvis: Blue Suede Collection

Elvis Blue Suede Collection, $20
Boxed set of 10 discs: Jailhouse Rock / Viva Las Vegas / It Happened at the World's Fair / Kissin' Cousins / Girl Happy / Live a Little, Love a Little / Elvis: That's the Way It Is / This Is Elvis

Classic Children's Movies
Beloved Children's Classics

Pinocchio Gold Collection, $20

Beauty and the Beast Platinum Edition, $20

Fantasia Anthology: 3- disc collector's edition: Fantasia / Fantasia 2000 / Fantasia Legacy, $20

The Lion King Platinum Edition (2 discs), $12

Mulan and Mulan II, $12

Toy Story: 3-disc collector's edition: Toy Story, Toy Story II, Special Features $20

Cars -- New! $14

Television Series 

Star Trek and Star Trek Enterprise
Star Trek The Original Series Season 1, $15 

Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete First Season, $14

Case Histories: Complete Collection (4 discs), $18 

Lone Ranger Boxed Set (4 discs),  $12

Amazing Stories: Season 1 Boxed Set (4 discs),  $12

And More

Shakespeare Wallah, an early and hard-to-find release from the Merchant Ivory Collection, $20

Alabama: For the Record: 41 hits live in Las Vegas, October 10, 1998. DVD and limited edition Poster, $15

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