Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall 2012 Book Sale - Children's Display Case

The right side display case in the lobby of the Library is now full of special finds of children's books which will be for sale at the book sale starting September 27.

Warning: we reserve the right to correct any mistakes we have made in the prices or descriptions being published here. We may remove a book if we detect a mistake and we may add books without updating the list.

The Lost Lions, Edward Gorey, 1st edition 2011, Pomegranet, $5
Fine dust jacket, not price clipped.  Unpaginated. 

Le Petit Cajun, George Rodrigue, Bilingual, 1978, $30
Signed by George and Andre Rodrigue.  Rodrigue is famous for his “Blue Dog” series.

Beatrice of Denewood, Emilie and Alden Knipe, 1913, Century Co., $15
No dust jacket.

 Peg o’ the Ring, Emilie and Alden Knipe , 8th printing, Sep 1915, Century Co., $25
Good dust jacket. 

Red Feather, David Cory, 1934, Grosset, $10
Fair dust  jacket, not price clipped.

The World Treasury of Children’s Literature, Clifton Fadiman, $10
3 volumes in 2 oversize paperbacks in slipcase.
The Three Little Monks, George Venzi, 1963, St. Paul Editions, $10
No dust jacket, picture front.

Uncle Wiggily and His Friends, Howard R. Garis, 1955, Platt & Munk, $10
Decorated end papers, no dust jacket, unpaginated.

Take Joy, Tasha Tudor, 8th printing, 1966, World,     $15
Dust jacket damaged by Scotch tape.

Mr. Bliss, J. R. R. Tolkien, 1st American Edition, 1983, 2nd printing, Houghton Mifflin, $10
Fine dust jacket.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Charles M. Schulz, 1st ed, 1969, Holt, Rinehart, Winston, $10
Fair dust jacket.

Black Beauty, Anna Sewell, 1903, Hurst and Co., $10
No dust jacket, picture front and spine.

Children’s Picture Dictionary, Lavinia Derwent, 1951, Collins, $10
Poor dust jacket.

Barbar’s Cousin: That Rascal Arthur, Laurent de Brunhoff, 1948, Random House, $15
No dust jacket, picture front.

Georgie Finds a Grandpa, Miriam Young, 1st editon “A”, 1954, Simon and Schuster, $12
Little Golden Book

The Twins, Ruth and Harold Shane, 1st edition “A”, 1955, Simon and Schuster, $10
Little Golden Book

Fire-Hunter, Jim Kjelgaard, 6th printing, 1951, Holiday House, $15
Ex-library, good dust jacket.

The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends, Nikolai Nosov, Translated from the Russian, Foreign Languages Publishing House, $10
Good dust jacket.

Bitsy Finds the Clue, Augusta Seaman, 1950, Doubleday,         $10
Price-clipped dust jacket.

The Lucky Sixpence, Emilie and Alden Knipe, Sept 1912, Century Co., $25
No dust jacket.

Tinker, Dorothy K. L’Hommedieu, 1st ed, 1942, $10
Picture front, no dust jacket.

New Mother Goose Book, Remington-Morse second edition, Ben Aronin, illustrated by Fridolf Johnson, 1943-1944, $20
Good dust jacket.  Only children’s book illustrator ever did.

Buster Bear’s Twins, Thornton W. Burgess, Oct 1923, Little, Brown, $50
Signed by the author.  All color plates are present.  Picture front, no dust jacket.

Giants Come in Different Sizes, Jolly Roger Bradfield, 1st printing, Oct 1966, $10
No dust jacket.

Musical Zoo, Ogden Nash, tunes by Vernon Duke, 1947,          $10
No dust jacket, owner’s name stamp inside cover.

Ginny’s First Secret, Lee Kingman, 1958, Phillips Publishers, $10
A Ginny Doll Story Book, fair dust jacket, child’s name.

Winter’s Tale, Robert Sabuda, pop-up, 2005, $10
Never opened

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Adapted by Robert Sabuda, pop-up 1st edition, 2003, $5

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J. K. Rowling, Deluxe Edition in slipcase, July 2007, $10
Wraparound dust jacket.  Like new.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Retold by Jane Werner, 1st edition “A”, 1954, Simon and Schuster, $30
 Out of print.  Little Golden Book.

Why We have Day and Night, Peter Neumeyer, illustrated by Edward Gorey, 1st edition, 2011, Pomegranet,                                      $5
Fine dust jacket, not price clipped.  Unpaginated.

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