Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Strollers or Large Bins in the Sale Areas

The book sale has a long standing rule that strollers are not allowed in the sales areas. That means you can bring the stroller into the building but you may not bring it into the small room where children's material is being sold, into the large sales room off the lobby, or into the aisles of the sales material out in the main library.Child carriers with solid frames that people wear like back packs are also not allowed in the sales areas. We do understand that it is inconvenient but it is just too crowded, especially Thursday night and Sunday afternoon.
Bin too big to bring into sales area
This year again large bins are not allowed in the sales areas. Again, there are places in the library you can leave them.
Box 10" high, 12" wide, 15" long
You may bring in boxes of the type frequently called Stor-Alls or Bankers Boxes. You may also bring boxes that printer paper came in, roughly 11" wide by 17" long. We will have containers you may use in the sales areas but we are going to ask that those big bins be left somewhere else.
Copy paper box is a good size.

If the containers you bring are disposable like these boxes, we ask that you bring a coat or blanket or something non-disposable to mark your collection. A few times we have had the unfortunate experience of people abandoning their piles. Most shoppers don't mess with other people's piles. An abandoned pile means books aren't available to someone who may want them. An object that most people wouldn't abandon helps us know that the shopper is shopping and will be back.  At busy times, we may limit how long you may leave your boxes.

I am one of those people who walk into the grocery store intending to buy two bags of stuff and walk out with four bags of stuff. If you are one of those people, do not fear. We will have bags and boxes here for you to use if you don't bring your own.

Now is a good time to remind readers that we do not accept credit cards or debit cards. We have a large number of banks in the vicinity so stop at the ATM before parking.

Do come to this sale. While I haven't counted each book, I can tell you that we have more boxes than any time in the past two years.

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