Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phones at the Library on Sunday

The recession has hit the libraries in Fairfax County very hard. The hours have been reduced, again. Staffing has been cut. One fall-out to the reductions is answering the phones. The staff no longer answers the phone on Sunday even when the library is open. The system went further and set the computer so the phone doesn't ring on Sunday even when the library is open. If the phone doesn't ring, the person calling can't leave a message and get a call back. The person calling will hear a message about the phones not being answered.

On Mondays, Regional Libraries in Fairfax County open at 1 pm. Before opening, the odds are good that the phone service will stay at the Sunday message. Just because Monday morning is a work day for most of the world, don't expect to be able to leave a message until after 1 pm.

If you try to call us, please make the attempt on Saturday before 5 pm or on Monday after 1 pm. I know it is frustrating but it is not in our control.

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