Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring 2013 Sale - Adult Display Case

The left side display case in the lobby of the Library is now full of special finds of adult books which will be for sale at the book sale starting April 18. 

Warning: we reserve the right to correct any mistakes we have made in the prices or descriptions being published here. We may remove a book if we detect a mistake and we may add books without updating the list.

Marc Chagall: Drawings and           $100        ADDED
   water colors for the Ballet 
Jacques Lassnigne, 1969

The Notebooks and Drawings       $50             ADDED
   of Louis I. Kahn
Edited and Designed by Richard Saul Wurman
and Eugene Feldman, 1952 

Picturesque America, 2 volumes    $250 
William Cullen Bryant, 1872
Illustrations by eminent American artists

Holy Bible, King James Version    $85
Easton Press, Collector's Edition
Illustrations by Rembrandt

Redskins Encyclopedia    $40
Michael Richman, Foreword by Dexter Manley, 2008
Inscribed by Dave Butz, also contains personal note and Christmas card from Dave Butz

Redskins Encyclopedia    $40
Michael Richman, Foreword by Dexter Manley, 2008
Inscribed by Mark Mosely

The Three Musketeers    $30
Alexandre Dumas, illus. by Edy Legrand
Easton Press, 1978

The Hunchback of Notre Dame    $50
Victor Hugo
Easton Press (In shrink wrap)

Immigration of the Irish Quakers into     $40
  Pennsylvania, 1682-1750

Albert Cook Myers, 1902

In Cold Blood    $50
Truman Capote, 1966
First British Edition

Carolina Cookery from Quaker Kitchens    $35
Woman’s Auxiliary of High Point Friends, 1924

A Book About the Table,    $100
John Cordy Jeaffreson, 1875
Two volumes in one

The Sinking of the Titanic and Great    $35
  Sea Disasters

Ed. Logan Marshall, 1912
Illustrated with photographs and drawings

Collection of I-Hsiung Ju’s Landscape    $40

Publ. Nat’l Museum of History, Republic of China, 1976

Chinese Painting, Comprehensive Guide    $35
Chow Chian Chiu, 1979

Drawing Goldfish & Golden Carps    $20
Lin Hu-kuei, 1992

Elementary of Flower Painting    $20
Yu Chung-lin and Chen Ch’ung-hua, 1990

100 Flowers, Chinese Techniques for    $20
Painting Flowers

Yang O-hsi   

The Manner of Chinese Flower Painting,    $45
  Its Spirit and Technique
Yung Liu, 1986

Felix Vallotton, Idyll on the Edge    $50
Christoph Becker and Linda Schadler, 2008

Fundamentals of Graphic Design    $45
  Practice Book

David Sibbet    1993

Catalogue of the Chinese Style Ceramics    $30
  Of Majapahit, Tentative Inventory
Marie-France Dupoizat    2007

Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace,    $45
  The Texas Ranger and Hunter
John C. Duval    1871

Delaware, A Guide to the First State    $35
Federal Writers’ Project of the WPA    1938

The Future is Now    $50
William Gildea and Kenneth Turan    1972
First Printing, signed by George Allen

John Carter of Mars    $30
Edgar Rice Burroughs    1964
First Edition Publ. by Canaveral Press

Wladimir de Terlikowski, His Life and Art    $35
Bennard B. Perlman    1998

Borte Med Blaesten        $45
Margaret Mitchell    1937
Leather bound, Gone with the Wind in Danish

The Romantick Lady (Frances     $40
  Hodgson Burnett)
Vivian Burnett    1927

Wild Animals I Have Known    $35
 And 200 Drawings
Ernest Thompson Seton    1913

The Burning Tree Club, A History    $40
Copy B7 of a limited, numbered edition    1962

Sergeant Ted Cole, United States Marines    $60
Everett T. Tomlinson    1919

Pissarro’s People    $25
Richard R. Brettell    2012

World in the Middle Ages:  An Historical    $40
  Geography, 2 volumes
Adolphus Louis Koeppen    1854

Incidents of Travel in Central America,    $50
  Chiapas, and Yucatan, 2 volumes
John L. Stephens    1842

Strong Poison    $15
Dorothy L. Sayers    1930

A Book of Architecture and Decorative     $100
Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue

Athletes and Oracles: The              $45
  Transformation of Olympia and Delphi
   in the Eighth Century B.C.
Catherine Morgan

Lines: A Half-Century of Yacht Design    $125
   By Sparkman & Stephens: 1930-1980
Olin J. Stephens II

Yosemite and the Range of Light    $50
   Anselm Adams
Signed by the photographer

Balanced Recipes    $25
Pillsbury    copyright 1933

Luigi Premazzi in Russia    $30
Miliza Korshunova

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