Friday, June 18, 2010

Graphic Novels in Japanese

Graphic novels are popular with a lot of people these days. This collection is unusual because they are in Japanese. I believe they are the Shonen Jump magazines because that is what some of the mailing envelopes say in English. The cover with the English word Boy appears to be number 50 with a date from 1992. (Fortunately for me, the date and the word printed is in English). The cover with the word DVD on the cover is dated 2007. These are just two from 3 boxes full.

We are running a trial of publicizing them on this blog. If you are interested in one or more, please contact the Friends at George Mason Regional Library by phone or email. The price is a bargain at $2 per volume if you pick them up. Please make the contact and an appointment first; don't just show up because only a select few people at the library can show you the magazines.

If you know someone who reads Japanese and likes graphic novels, please tell your friend about this great offer. I think they would make great summer time reading for a special person.

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