Friday, April 14, 2017

So. Many. Comic Books...

Comic books for every collector at the Spring Book Sale!
Boxes and boxes and BOXES of comic books -- Marvel, DC, indies, graphic novels, you  name it. They were donated by people who clearly love comics: they are in beautiful condition, and some are protected with backing boards and poly bags.

Whether you love classic superheroes, kooky crossovers, goofy Archie antics, or artsy, edgy fantasies, you'll find something to love at this spring's sale, all at bargain prices.  Look for them in the Collectibles section.

New, gently used, and collectible e-games and guides, too!
And while you're getting your geek on, be sure to head over to the Sports and Games section to check out the super cool selection of new, used, and collectible video games, game guides, RPG manuals, and even have a few complete Dungeons and Dragons game sets, nearly all under $5.
Plus Dungeons and Dragons and other RPG goodies!


  1. Awww... AD&D 2nd Edition Legends and Lore! High school days memory...

  2. There's no school like old school... ;-)