Monday, September 12, 2016

Children's Books Needed Fall Book Sale!

Children's books sell out faster than any other category at every George Mason Friends book sale! At the start of the sale, the special children's book room is full to overflowing, but by the last day of the sale our young readers are disappointed to find that nearly everything has been sold!
Children's books sell out fast.
Please donate and help us keep our shelves full!

We want all the kids who comes to our sale to leave with good-quality, age-appropriate books that they can't wait to get home and dig into!

That is why we are sending out a special appeal for children's books as the fall book sale date approaches. Bring in your gently-used children's books as soon as possible so we can get them priced and ready to sell.

Please donate soon and help us keep the shelves full in the children's book sale room full right through the sale!

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