Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Preview: The "Big Batch" Edition

At every book sale, we end up with unusually large selections of certain types of items. Sometimes these collections come from individual donors, and sometimes it seems an unseen, strange and mystical force inspires many people to suddenly decide to donate the same kind of thing. Here are a few highlights:

Beautiful Bibles

At last count, we've packed up at least two full boxes of Bibles in beautiful condition, many with fine leather bindings that feel so good in your hand when you read them. This selection includes Bibles in Spanish as well as English, and a variety of standard and study versions. There are also some unusual versions, such as a fine edition of the Douay-Rheims Bible,  a literal translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible, initially translated by St. Jerome, and considered is the oldest full Roman Catholic Bible translation in English. (See What is the Douay-Rheims Bible). 

Early Works by Popular Mystery Writers

Sometimes it's hard to find the early works of popular authors, but not at this sale. This spring in our extensive mass market mysteries section we offer a large selection of early works of popular authors such as Dick Francis, Ellis Peters, Charlotte MacCleod, and Marcia Muller.

Lots of English and Japanese manga
So. Much. Manga.

This spring we find ourselves awash in manga -- in English, in Japanese, for kids, teens and adults. Do you like romance? Intrigue? Action? Fantasy? You'll find something here that's totally your jam.
Inu-Yasha, Volumes 1 thru 16

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