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Fall 2014 Sale Preview Listing for the Adult Lobby Display Case

Left lobby showcase
Rare books, art books, and other collectibles are on display in the glass case to the left of the George Mason Regional Library lobby. These books will be available for sale beginning at 5 pm on Thursday, September 25.

Below is a list of titles and prices. We reserve the right to correct any mistakes in the prices or descriptions published here. Books may be removed or added without updating the list.



Autobiography and Travels by Sea and Land    $50
George Waters Diman  
Bristol Phoenix, 1896

The Conquest of Grenada    $25
Washington Irving    2 volumes, Agapida edition  
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, Knickerbocker Press, 1893

Portrait Miniature in Russia: XVIII – early XX century       $25
(in Russian)
From the Collection of the Hermitage    1986

The Things of Greater Importance: 

Bernard of Clairvaux’s apologia and the Medieval Attitude toward Art     $50
Clayton Rudolph  
Univ. Penn. Press, 1990

The Downing Street Years    $150
Margaret Thatcher -- Signed First Edition
Easton Press

Spock on Spock    $20
Benjamin Spock & Mary Morgan -- Signed First edition 

The Dong with a Luminous Nose    $100
Edward Lear; illustrated by Edward Gorey
Young Scott Books, 1969

Shadows of a Hand: The Drawings Of Victor Hugo        $45
Drawing Center, NY, 1998

Salt Water Poems and Ballads    $25
John Masefield, Illus by Chas Pears  
MacMillan Co., 1916

We Japanese, Book 3    $20
Fujiya Hotel
Yanagata Press, Yokohama Japan    1950

Retaining the Original: Multiple Originals, Copies, and Reproductions  $25
National Gallery of Art    1989

From Liberation to Liberty: An Austrian Photo Album 1945 - 1960  $40
Erich Lessing -- Inscribed by author

Cham Art: Treasures from the Da Nang Museum, Vietnam   $25
Emmanuel Guillon
River Books Ltd., 2001

The Belle Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry    $TBD
Millard Meiss & Elizabeth H. Beatson
Braziller, 1974

Ana Mercedes Hoyos    $20
Texts by Eduardo Serrano  
Benjaniu Villegas, 2001

Sesame and Lilies, Two Lectures    $40
John Ruskin  
Smith, Elder, & Co., 1865

The Incredible Iron Man, volume 1    $85
Stan Lee, Don Heck, & Gene Colan    2008

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol 1.    $30
Child, Beck, Bertholle -- Signed by Julia Child
Softcover, Knopf, 1983

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol 2    $30

Julia Child and Simone Beck -- Signed by Julia Child
Softcover, Knopf, 1983

Paris Was a Woman: Portraits from the Left Bank   $40
Andrea Weiss
Pandora, 1995

The Kaw: The Heart of a Nation    $25
Floyd Benjamin Streeter
Illus by Isabel Bate & Harold Black    1941

The Rivers of America    $25
Pompeii, the City, its Life and Art    $25

Pierre Gusman  
Heinemann, 1900

The New World    $30
Winston S. Churchill  
Easton Press.  In shrink wrap

The Great Democracies    $30
Winston S. Churchill
Easton Press.  In shrink wrap

Durer: The Complete Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts   $35
Karl-Adolf Knappe  
Wellfleet Press

Albrecht Durer: The Complete Engravings    $30
Horst Michael  
Artline Editions, 1987

The Farnese Hours    $25 George Braziller 
Pierpont Morgan Library

Diary of a Century    $85
J.H. Lartigue, edited by Richard Avedon

Human Anatomy for Artists    $20

Drawings by Andras Szunyoghy  (in English)
Tandem Verlag, 2007

1648: War and Peace in Europe    $25
Catalogue of 26th exhibition of the Council of Europe    1998

Degas: The Nudes    $25
Richard Thomson  
Thames & Hudson, 1988

Samsung Museum of Art: Modern Art Collection    $20

African and Middle Eastern Collections    $35
Illustrated Guides in slipcase
Library of Congress, 2001

The Orientalists: Delacroix to Matisse, The Allure of North Africa and the Near East    $25
Thames & Hudson, National Gallery of Art, 1984

Polacy: Polish Artists on the World    $75
W. Sztuce Swiata  
Rosikon Press, 2001

Drawings: Fragments of Yearning    $TBD   
Lee Joong – Seop    2005

Alte Schweizer Möbel 1730 - 1830   $TBD
Max Lutz
Gustav Grunau, Bern 1924

Tramp Abroad    $30
Mark Twain
American Pub. Co., 1880

Barroco de la Nueva Granada: Colonial Art from Colombia and Ecuador   $65
Americas Society, 1992

The Great River: Art and Society of The Connecticut River, 1635 – 1820   $22
Wadsworth Atheneum, 1985

Fine Clothes to the Jew    $75
Langston Hughes  
Knopf, 1927

The Tales of Hoffmann    $35

Illus by Hugo Steiner-Prag  
Limited Editions Club, 1945

Matisse: Essays on Matisse    $30
Henri Matisse (in French)  
Maight, 1993

London Transport Posters    $30

Harold F. Hutchison  
London Transport, 1963

The Works of James McNeill Whistler    $40
Elizabeth Cary -- Limited, signed edition
Moffat, Yard & Co, 1907          

The Paintings of Huang Chun-Pi    $30
National Museum of History, China

The Painter’s Manual of Dionysis of Fourna    $35
Trans by Paul Hertherington  
Oakwood Pub., 1989

Open City: Street Photographs since 1950    $20
Museum of Modern Art  
Oxford, 2001

Korea’s Pottery Heritage, Vol II    $25
Edward B. Adams  
Seoul Inter’l Pub., 1994

Michel Delacroix: Eternal Paris    $22
Text by Sam Hunter -- Inscribed by the artist
Abbeville Press, 1998     

The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige    $20
Commentary by Sherman E. Lee  
Braziller, 1984

Imogen Cunningham    $30
Abbeville Press    In shrink wrap

The World of Cui Ru-Zhuo    $40
The Institute for Advanced Studies in Chinese Art, 1984

Louise Bourgeois    $30
Edited by Frances Morris  
Smithsonian, 20073

The West Wing, season 5    $25
In shrink wrap
(Seasons 1, 4, 6, and 7 also available)

The Israel Sketchbooks    $75
Hans Erni -- numbered, signed by the artist

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