Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Sale - The Adult Lobby Display Case

The display case on the left side of the lobby of the George Mason Regional Library is filled with rare books, art books, and other collectible finds among the donations we received this year.  The books will be available for sale beginning at 5 pm on Thursday, May 1.

Warning: we reserve the right to correct any mistakes we have made in the prices or descriptions being published here. We may remove a book if we detect a mistake and we may add books without updating the list.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame                                           $35
Victor Hugo
Easton Press; in shrink wrap

Max Beckmann, The Self-Portraits                                     $25
Peter Selz
Gagosian Gallery, Rizzoli,,1992

Fine Clothes to the Jew                                                      $200
Langston Hughes
Alfred A. Knopf, 1927

The Israel Sketchbooks                                                      $150
Hans Erni                                                                                         
Printed by Imprimerie Henri  Studer, SA, Geneva, 1968
Copy #166, signed by artist

The Art of Propaganda                                                          $20
Frederic A. Sharf
Newburyport Press, 2005

On War, 2 Volumes                                                               $75
Carl Von Clausewitz
Easton Press, 1991

Arte e Alchimia                                                                     $30
Arturo Schwarz
Edizioni la Biennale, 1986

Kevin Fitzgerald, Selected Works                                       $50
Martin Sloan Press, 2001

Josip Generalic                                                                     $20
Izdanje, Spektar, Zagreb,1971

Pskov Icons, 13th-16th Centuries                                          $30
Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, 1991

The Paintings of Huang Chun-Pi                                         $50
Nat’l Museum of History, Republic of China

The Interpretation of Dreams                                               $50
Sigmund Freud
Easton Press, 1992

The Meaning of Relativity                                                      $35
Albert Einstein
Easton Press,1994

Finden’s Landscape & Portrait Illustrations
   To the Life and Works of Lord Byron, v. 1                        $45
W. Brockedon
John Murray, Albemarle Street,1837

Principia                                                                                  $60
Isaac Newton
Easton Press,1992

Sesame and Lilies                                                                   $75
John Ruskin
Second Edition, with Preface, 1865

Howl                                                                                          $50
Allen Ginsberg,
City Lights Books, 1993
Signed by the poet

Richardson’s Monitor of Free-Masonry                              $75
Jabez Richardson
David McKay, Publisher

One Hundred Cold Desserts                                                $20
Linda Hull Larned
Chas. Scribner’s Sons, 1914

Cecilia Chiang, Painting & Ceramic                                    $25
Pure Heart of a Newborn
Throne Graphic Arts,1991

Ol’ Bill and Other Stories                                                       $35
John Alden Knight and Milton C. Weiler
Chas. Scribner’s Sons, 1942
Copy #300, signed by author & illustrator
First Edition

The Tales of Hoffmann                                                          $80
Illustrated by Hugo Steiner-Prag
Limited Editions Club, 1943
Copy #912, signed by illustrator

The Mystery of Columbus                                                     $50
Jennings C. Wise
Monticello Publishers, 1946

Cidade e Arredores do Rio de Janeiro                               $30
Livraria Kosmos Editora

Jan Steen                                                                               $25
John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd., 1927
Forty Reproductions in Photogravure

The National Gallery of Art ,
Master Paintings From the Collection                               $30
Harry Abrams, 2004

Ciurlionis                                                                               $40
Vaga, 1984

Robert Kipniss, The Graphic Work                                       $35
Abaris Books, 1980
First Edition, signed by the artist

Pavologia                                                                               $30
Evelyn A. Domjan                                                                           
Domjan Studio,1984
Signed by the author

The Russian Avant-Garde Book, 1910-1934                    $60
Margit Rowell & Deborah Wye                                                     
Museum of Modern Art, 2002

Klee and America                                                               $22
Hatje Cantz Verlag,2006

Traditional Arts & Crafts of Japan                                      $30
New York Mitsukoshi                                                                     

Nora S. Unwin, 25 Wood-Engravings                                 $30
Sharon Arts Center, 1982

Futurismo & Futurismi                                                        $25
Bompiani, 1986

From Schongauer to Holbein                                              $22
Master Drawings from Basel and Berlin
National Gallery of Art and Hatje Cantz,1999

 Go Well, My Child                                                                    $15
Photographs by Constance Stuart Larrabee
National Museum of African Art, 1985

Plantations of the Carolina Low Country                          $30
Samuel Gaillard Stoney
Carolina Art Association, 6th Ed., 1969

When Art Worked                                                                  $20
Roger G. Kennedy
Rizzoli, 2009

Alte Schweizer Mobel, 1730-1830                                       $150
Max Lutz, Architekt, Bern
Druck und Verlag: Dr. Gustav Grunau, 1924

Calder Miro                                                                              $25
Elizabeth Hutton Turner and Oliver Wick, Eds.
Philip Wilson Publishers, 2004

Thomas Pradzynski, Modern Realist                                 $25
Caldwell-Snyder Publishing, 1993
1st Edition

The Kariye Djami, 3 Volumes                                                $75
Paul A. Underwood
Bollingen Foundation, 1966

Venice, Art & Architecture, 2 Volumes       $25
Konemann, 1997

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