Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Donations are more wonderful when given after October 10.

The George Mason Friends love your books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, sheet music and other materials that you so generously give us throughout the year.  This year, all the items in our semi-annual sale are community donations.  With the proceeds of our sales, we provided $42,500 for the Fairfax County Public Library 2013 Summer Reading Program system-wide.  We also have paid for new meeting room tables and chairs and re-upholstery of chairs and benches at George Mason Regional Library this year.    

Our Fall 2013 book sale is rapidly approaching and we expect to have one of our largest sales ever.  As we busily prepare for the sale, we need your help. If you have items that you are thinking about parting with but don't have an urgent need to have them out of the house, then please bring them to us after October 10. As always, if you are moving or have an urgent need to donate now, we can store them ourselves until October 10 when we start pricing for the May 2014 book sale.
Thanks for your support and help!

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