Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring 2011 Book Sale - Adult Display Case

The left side display case in the lobby of the Library is now full of special finds of adult books which will be for sale at the book sale starting April 14. Warning: we reserve the right to correct any mistakes we have made in the prices or descriptions being published here. We may remove a book if we detect a mistake and we may add books without updating the list.

Picturesque New Orleans, Ten Drawings of the French Quarter, Wm. P. Spratling, price $50

The Great Songs of Harry Warren from 42nd Street to Hollywood, paperback, price $20

Famous Negro Spirituals: A Collection of 25, transcribed and arranged by Hugo Frey (sheet music), price  $20

Three Spirituals from Earth to Heaven, illustrated by Allan Rohan Crite; hardback, no dj, price $22.50

Spalding’s Official Baseball Guide 1931, paperback, price $50

La Veritable Cuisine de Famille par Tante Marie; hardback, covers detached, price $20

Delicate Feasting, Theodore Child; hardback, no dj, owner inscribed book in 1904, price $20

Collecting Hooked Rugs, Elizabeth Waugh and Edith Foley, c. 1927; hardback, damaged dj; price $20

Coffee and Waffles, Alice Foote MacDougall, 1927; hardback, no dj, price $20

Loudon’s Lady’s Country Companion, Mrs. Loudon, 1846; hardback, no dj, price $25

The Dog in Action, McDowell Lyon, 1950; hardback, dj chipped but intact, price $25

Old Homes Made New, (Being a collection of plans, exterior andinterior views illustrating the alteration and remodeling of several suburban residences), William Woollett, 1879; hardback, no dj, price $200

My Last Expedition to the Antarctic 1936-1937, Lars Christensen, Oslo, 1938; hardback, no dj, price $150

Real Peace: A Strategy for the West, Richard Nixon; hardback with bright but chipped dj; autographed copy of author’s private limited edition, price $40

The Challenges We Face, Compiled and Edited from the Speeches and Papers of Richard M. Nixon, inscribed, hardback, chipped dj, price $25

Naturalist’s Library (Vol. 35), Entomology (Beetles by James Duncan), Volume II, 1843; hardback with marbled endpapers and gilt top edge, ¾ leather binding, beautiful colored illustrations of beetles;  no dj, price  $75

the Hawaiian Canoe, Tommy Holmes, 1981; hardback in vg dj, price $75

Trust: Photographs of Jim Marshall, autographed by photographer, hardback in vg dj ; photos of 60s-era musicians, price $20

Front Porch, Reginald Wright Kauffman, 1933; hardback in OK dj, inscribed by author to Kenneth Clark, price  $30

A City of Bells, Elizabeth Goudge, 1936; hardback in mylar-covered good dj, price $20

American Stuff, An Anthology of Prose and Verse by Members of the Federal Writers’ Project, hardback, no dj, price $50

Charles Dickens in America, W. Glyde Wilkins, 1912; hardback, no dj, price $50

Mark Twain’s Autobiography and First Romance, 1871; hardback, no dj; title in gold, price $25

Flowers and Folk-lore from Far Korea, Florence-Hedleston Crane, 1969; no. 481 of “a deluxe reprint edition limited to 1,000 copies”, hardback with gold letters on embossed cover; no dj; price $40

Henri Cartier Bresson Photographer, 1979, softcover, price $30

Chinese Currency, Currency of the Far East, A Comprehensive Text: Chou Dynasty (1122 BC - 255 BC) through Ch’ing Dynasty (1644 AD to 1911 AD), revised and edited by Virgil Hancock, 1965; hardback in brightly illustrated cover, no dj, price $40

Ernst Fuchs, 1977; hardback, good dj, oversized art book in German, price $75

I Bronzi Degli Etruschi, Mauro Cristofani, 1985; vg/vg, case in need of some paste; oversized art book in Italian, price $40

A History of Russian Architecture, William Craft Brumfield, 1993; vg/vg, price $20

The Colour-Prints of Hiroshige With 52 Plates including16 in Colour, Edward F. Strange; hardback in poor condition, no dj, price $35

Tender is the Night facsimile of 1st edition, F. Scott Fitzgerald, vg/vg in good slip case, price $17.50

Algebre Superieure, 2 Volumes, J.A. Serret, 1885; hardback, ¾ leather binding, old gilt at top, price $70

Washington City and Capital, American Guide Series, 1937; hardback, no dj, price $30

History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, George Smith, 1862; hardback, loose spine, no dj, price $25

Oscar Wilde Discovers America (1882), Lloyd Lewis and Henry Justin Smith, 1936; hardcover, no dj, 1st edition, price $20

Russia on Canvas: Ilya Repin, Fan Parker & Stephen Jan Parker, 1980; hardback, vg/vg, price $30

Picasso Malaga, 3 volumes; vg paperback in vg slip case, price $50

Harper’s Dictionary of Classical Literature and Antiquities, 1896, hardcover tome, no dj, price $35

The Smithsonian Book of Books, Michael Olmert, 1992; vg hardback in in slip case, price $30

The Book of the Thousand Nights and A Night.  A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. 16 vol., translated and annotated by Richard F. Burton, privately printed by the Burton Club, n.d., price $350

Personal Memoirs of Gen’l. W.T. Sherman, vol. 1, 4th ed., Revised, Corrected, 1892, price $45

Light and Illusion: The Hollywood Portraits of Ray Jones, edited by John Jones, price $20

Water Dance, Howard Schatz, price $30

Chinese Cloisonne:  The Pierre Uldry Collection, Helmut Brinker and Albert Lutz, translated from German by Susanna Swoboda, price $35

Meisterzeichnungen des Deutschen Aus dem Besitz der Stadischen Kunstsammlungen Augsburg, price $35

Villas on the Hudson: A Collection of Photo-Lithographs, Da Capo Press 1977; reprint of D. Appleton 1860 edition, price $75

Waiting for Filippo, The Life of Renaissance Architect Filippo Brunelleschi, a pop-up book by Michael Bender, price $20

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