Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stamps, United States Postage Stamps and Canadian Postage Stamps

Sample page of Stamps
We have been given a nice collection of postage stamps. They range in age from 1946 to 1984. Some of them are in binders with special pages describing the stamps. The stamps themselves are slid into holders, not attached in anyway.  The donation was from a serious collector and includes about 15 binders of these pages plus some pages not in binder. It makes for fascinating browsing to read about people and events commemorated in U.S. postage stamps. It is also interesting to see the change from largely monochromatic stamps to full color stamps.

In 1946 the Post Office commemorations including ones for the Smithsonian Institution and Statehood for Iowa. The Smithsonian stamp is monochromatic in brick red. The stamp for Iowa is monochromatic in blue.

I like the full color ones. The stamp here is Spirit of 76. You need to see a pane of 3 stamps to see the full picture. Looking at things like this makes me understand the fascination of stamp collecting.
Box of 1983 Stamps from Canada
There are also annual collections of Canadian Stamps. This one is labelled 1983. It is unopened and in shrink wrap. We also have the ones for 1982 and 1984 unopened.

If you are interested in acquiring some or all of these stamps or just want to know more about this collection, please contact us. If you are local, we can arrange a time for you to see this collection. If you are distant, perhaps, I can take more photos.

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